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Apple sells its parts so that anyone can repair their iPhone and Mac

Apple sells accessories and tools to repair its devices (Photo: REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes)
Apple sells accessories and tools to repair its devices (Photo: REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes)

Users now Apple Those who have problems with their phones IPhone And Mac computersThey can repair them at home, thanks to the fact that the technology company sells specific parts and tools for their repair.

This Wednesday, November 17th Apple Announced that its customers can buy the parts they need Gadgets They themselves, without going to the store, leave it in the hands of the technicians for a few days.

This is the first time Apple has been known for its seriousness in protection Intellectual property In making their designs and technologies, their parts and tools available to the public.

“It simply came to our notice then Access to the same areas that Apple uses It will give our customers extra options to repair their equipment when needed, ”he said in a statement. Jeff Williams, CEO of the company.

The pieces will go on sale in the United States and later in other countries (Photo: Europa Press)

This time, the first elements Repair Company Available to Users:

IPhone 12 (Model 2020 released)

IPhone 13 (Model released in 2021)

Let’s start with the parts and tools of both Buy in early 2022 In the United States, then, they will reach other countries of ownership throughout that year.

After the iPhone repair kits left in their stores, repair kits for Mac computers equipped with M1 chips (Apple factory processors) will arrive.

There will be pieces of silence for iPhone and Mac (Photo: Europa Press)

Initially, more than 200 parts and tools provided will be relevant Regular repair Among Apple users, that means they will target failures Screen, battery and camera, However they are expected to add repairs to other areas.

“Customers will connect with more than 5,000 Apple Authorized Service Providers and 2,800 Apple Authorized Service Providers. Independent repair They already have access to these parts, tools and manuals, ”the brand said in a statement.

According to the company, self-service is intended for repair Those with technical knowledge and experience will repair electronic devices. The company also noted that those who return to recycle old parts will receive a discount on the next purchase.

Even if self-service is enabled, Apple customers who do not want to repair their devices themselves can continue to pursue the brand’s technical service professionals with a global network of over 5,000 suppliers.

Apple sells its repairs to customers for the first time (Photo: Apple)

It has not been more than a month since this happened Apple Has introduced its new generation mobile phones and important information about the next generation is already leaked. Now, some special media have reported the details of the screen iPhone 14 Pro And cameras that may be released next year.

This was revealed in a statement issued MyDrivers, LG Display claims to have started developing UTC technology (camera under its abbreviated screen in English)

Very interesting in the details obtained This perforated screen will be operated by a company founded by Steve Jobs. This ensures that the next generation of Apple phones, or at least the more vitaminized models, will finally get rid of the climax.

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