OL Nessie Gun and Badge for Apex Legends April Fool’s Day in 2022!

Here is a list of the new features that have been introduced to Apex Legends for April Fool’s Day 2022.

Previously, Respawn introduced a little update to Apex Legends for April Fools Day, in which you could discover gold Mozambique’s that dealt a lot of damage to your opponents. Apex Legends’ Mozambique map has been updated to feature the cute Nessie plushies that have previously appeared as Easter eggs throughout the game’s maps for April Fools’ Day 2022.

Prank by OL-Nessie in Mozambique for Apex Legends’ April Fool’s Day 2022

In the year 2022, if you have logged into Apex Legends on April 1st, you will earn an April Fool badge with the following description. “Don’t take everything you see today at face value!”

In a match, you will see that there are eggs scattered across the map, each of which has a light emanating from it to indicate where they are placed, much as when a Care Package has arrived. As an example of what they appear to look like in-game.

Apex Legends April Fool's Day

All you have to do is punch or strike them once to crack the eggs, and you will discover that one of the weapons has some shotgun ammo in it. Although it appears to be a Mozambique, if you hold your cursor over the weapon, you will notice that it is really known as the Ol’ Nessie. Once you’ve got it set up, you’ll find that there are just two rounds left in the magazine.

When you fire the gun, a Nessie will emerge from the barrel. An elusive Nessie, to be precise. These are referred to as ‘Baby Nessie’ (and they are quite cute!) They aren’t totally meaningless, though, because they do deliver damage to opponents who are in close proximity to you. Unfortunately, they do not remain in place for very long after being released, although they do damage in a manner similar to that of the Spiders located on Storm Point.

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This means that they will not be able to cause much damage, but they will be able to distract opponents and hold them at bay if you need to heal up, or they will be able to assist you to sneak around if you want to strike!

Can You Tell Me How Long the OL’ Nessie April Fools 2022 Will Be in Apex Legends?

Don’t be concerned if you don’t like the Ol’ Nessie Mozambique; it won’t be there for much longer. It appears that the weapon will be available for use over the weekend, so take advantage of it while you still have the opportunity!

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As a point of clarification, note that not all Mozambiques have been designated as the Ol’ Nessie weapon and that there are still Mozambiques in the weapon rotation. The only method to obtain the Apex Legends April Fools gun is through the use of eggs or by looting players’ boxes after they die if they were in possession of the gun at the time of death.

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