The Overtells News Team is dedicated to providing quality, accurate, and relevant news to all of our readers. With this goal in mind, we are looking to recruit volunteers into our news staff to allow us to continue growing and producing content at a persistent rate. Members of the Overtells staff gain the opportunity to write about their favorite games, while also interacting with some of a unique character the industry has to offer.


  • Requirements:
    Must speak, and write fluent English. (Maybe American or British style)
  • Must be capable of using the Discord interface well.
  • Must be available commonly enough to write. (Life happens, we understand.)
  • Must have achieved an average grading of B in English courses (Or another such equivalent)
  • Must be at least sixteen years of age (Western Counting)

If you are interested in becoming a member of our news team, please join our discord. Upon joining, please contact any of our Admins, Moderators, or Managers for further instructions. We thank you very much for your curiosity and wish all of you the best of days.