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Andy Dick Net Worth: Biography, Assets, Education and Much More!

andy dick net worth

Biography of Andy Dick

Andy Dick was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 21, 1965. Andy is a musician, producer, voice-over artist, actor, and comedian. Andy is probably best known for his work on several TV shows, such as “The Ben Stiller Show,” “Newsradio,” “Less Than Perfect,” and “The Andy Dick Show.”

In the past few years, Andy has been on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Wife Swap. Andy has also been in many big movies that haven’t been on TV. “In the Army Now,” “The Cable Guy,” “Road Trip,” “Zoolander,” and “Old School” are probably his most famous movies so far. Andy has had trouble with drugs and alcohol for a long time and has had several close calls with the law. He was married to Ivone Kowalczyk for four years. Their son, Lucas, was born during that time.

He also dated a woman whose name was Lena Sved. Andy and Lena have a son and a daughter. Both women and all three children lived in the same house on land that Andy owned. Andy lived in a camper that was in the driveway.

Andy Dick’s Career

Andy Dick is an American actor, comedian, producer, and musician who has done very well for himself. He is well-known for his many skills, which have made him very popular. He has a lot of skills that have helped him do well. Andy’s career began in 1986 when he worked in TV and movies. He was in his first short film in 1989, and he was also in a TV show that same year.

He had been in many movies and TV shows, but no one seemed to like him. In 1992, he was on The Ben Stiller Show, which helped him get noticed. Later, he was on many great shows, such as Get Smart, NewsRadio, Sammy (voice), and many others. Andy has also put out singles and albums. He has also worked with other artists and made compilation albums. All of these things have made him very successful.


Home Andy Dick is an American who lives in the United States. He has done most of his work in the United States. Andy has a lot of assets, and real estate is one of them. He lives in Charleston, which is where he was born. Aside from that, he has a house in New York and a few in California.

Car  Andy Dick is a well-known person who has a lot of cars. He has shown more than once that he likes cars. He also enjoys driving them. He has a very nice collection of vehicles, including a Lexus, a Range Rover, an Audi Q5, a Chevrolet Camaro, and others.

Andy Dick’s Personal life

Dick says that he is both gay and straight. Dick was married to Ivone Kowalczyk from 1986 to 1990. Together, they had a son named Lucas. With Lena Sved, he has two children. Page Six says that Dick would marry Elisa Jordana in 2021. Dick has been using drugs and drinking too much for a long time. He has gone to rehab almost 20 times to try to get clean.

Andy Dick: It’s a Big Deal

One statement says that drug problems have sent Andy Dick to rehab 20 times. He now helps people stop drinking as his job. David Strickland, an actor, went to a party with Andy Dick right before he killed himself in 1999. He was also arrested for drug possession, driving under the influence, and leaving the scene of an accident all in the same year.

In 2008, he was arrested for sexual battery after pulling a 17-year-old girl’s shirt down and showing her breasts. In 2010, he was charged with sexual abuse because two people said he touched them in a club. In 2018, he was arrested again on sexual abuse charges after touching another person inappropriately.


Andy Dick graduated from Joliet West High School, where he did his high school work. He went to more than one school because he moved around a lot when he was young. Later, he went to Columbia College Chicago, where he got his degree and began working in theatres.

Andy Dick’s Net Worth

Andy Dick is a very talented person who has worked in many different fields throughout a long and successful career. He is a very gifted person who has done some great stuff, putting aside the wrong things. He is also an actor, comedian, and much more. He also plays music. From all of his work, he has a good amount of money. Andy Dick is worth $5 million right now.

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As for the last part, Andy Dick’s life is pretty average. He’s had a lot of success, but he’s also been hurt a few times. As far as his job goes, he is a phenomenal person; there is no doubt. But his drug and alcohol use got him into a lot of trouble and changed who he was as a person. Andy has done everything he can to leave all of that behind, and it looks like he has been able to do so. We want him to do a lot more in the future.

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Questions People Usually Ask

How Much Does Andy Dick have in the Bank?

Andy Dick has a total net worth of about $5,000,000.

How Much Does Andy Dick Make and What is Andy Dick’s Age?

Andy Dick is 56 years old (21 December 1965).

Andy Dick likely makes more than $250,000 per year.

What is Andy Dick’s Height?

Andy Dick is 1.78 meters tall.

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