Android Virus: One of the most downloaded apps has put thousands of users at risk

It hosts over 3 million mobile applications Google Games There are many scams, the fact of which has been verified in periodic statements revealing the existence Malware Ability to confuse devices and steal user data. Now, even in the equipment store Android It’s not 100% virus free, which is amazing Among the most downloaded tools appeared malicious and malicious tool.

Viruses on Android: Risks in the Official Store

Those in charge of stores Applications (Google Play and Apple’s App Store) Repeatedly say like a blanket that downloading outside of official lists is dangerous. There are applications that are not available in those intervals, but are available on third-party operating systems. In addition to reports such as warnings and presence warnings Malware Within the Play Store, we check that the risk is not only outside those places, but also inside.

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Hackers have the ability Avoid security barriers, In this case the Google Store. In this way, they are able to reach a wider audience. That is, putting your hooks in very crowded water. At this point it should be remembered that Android runs on eight out of ten smartphones worldwide.

PDF + is a malware application that sets alarms on Android

“We don’t have to see much time to meet someone Malicious app on Google Play, It’s not even hidden ”, note the site review Engadget Android. Note PDF +, With the appearance of an editor for documents covering other purposes: Downloading other tools with malware and obtaining special permissions.

Android Virus: One of the most downloaded apps has put thousands of users at risk

According to the source, PDF + appeared in over 200 most downloaded applications in Spain and amassed over 10,000 installations. On top of that, it had an excellent 5-star rating. In the description on Google Play, the cybercriminals copied the text of the PDF expert, the official iOS processor.

PDF +: How to run fraud?

Once the application is open, it asks for permission to install the update. This is an APK file, strictly speaking, that starts the scam: this is a Bank Trojan, A malicious program designed to steal data and credentials. In addition, the application will constantly ask for permissions, and by granting them, it will control the screen. You can also access information such as contacts, text messages and more.

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According to the source, more than ten antivirus programs detect the aforementioned APK a Malware. Manual analysis of Play Protect does not identify potential risks.

Malicious Applications: Do You Trust the Reviews?

A general recommendation is to check other users’ comments and scores when downloading applications and checking their security. However, the above publication indicates that it is relatively easy Buy reviews on Google Play. In Creole, hackers who “hang” malicious applications in the store pay (or reward) people to post positive comments.

PDF +: Still on Google Play?

The application is listed in the name of the developer identified as Mike Mills. In a review in the store, the application is no longer listed.

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