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The operating system for mobile devices, developed by technology company Google, has a large number of functions within its configuration, one of which allows you to adjust phone calls so that your own smartphone speaks the name of the contact you are trying to contact. Want to know how to add this option to your mobile device? Here we will explain it in detail. Take note.

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It is very common to forget your cell phone in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. An important call, especially since spam calls are so prevalent right now, you need to stop and see if you are interested in the contact you want to get in touch with. This is done because Android has a very interesting function to say the name of the contact calling you out loud.

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How to tell the name of the contact you are calling Android

  • First, enter “Settings” on your device AndroidYou can see it with a cokewheel or gear icon.
  • Now, find and press the “Access” section.
  • Here, tap on the “Interaction and Skill” option.
  • Go to “Answer / End Call”.
  • Finally, turn on the switch labeled “Read the names aloud”.
You should check the box "Read the names aloud" (Photo: Android)
You need to activate the “Read Names Aloud” (Photo: Android) box.

Done, now every time one of your contacts calls you Android will automatically say his name out loud, but if there are strange signs, they may not translate as expected, for example: if you have a friend name “J (U) an”, mobile “Jota, brackets, U, The parentheses say, “an.” It must be taken into account.

How To Block Spam Calls On Your Android Phone

  • Download the app .
  • If your device has the Android operating system, it may be the default, otherwise you will need to download it.
  • Open the app and press the three vertical dots icon located in the upper right corner.
  • Click “Settings” here and then “Caller ID and Spam”.
  • Finally, enable three options: “View caller ID and spam”, “Filter spam calls” and “Verified calls”.

Ready, if someone calls you this way you will know who that contact is and you will see a warning whether it is spam or not.

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