January 28, 2022

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Considered one of the best operating systems for mobile devices, this software developed by the technology company Google has a variety of functions that are not yet known to most users as they are hidden in the configuration. One of these tools allows you to open your favorite app after a double touch on the back of the smartphone. How to do it? We will explain it below.

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This is a “gestures” function that is only available for mobile phones , Is not available in lower versions, and since it is the operating system’s own tool, there is no need to download additional applications from the Google Play Store or external sites.

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How to unlock any processor after tapping twice on the back of your Android phone

  • First, enter “Settings” or “Configuration” on your cell phone Android, You can find it with a cokewheel or gear icon.
  • Many tools will open and click on the one that says “Computer”.
  • In this area, tap on the “Gestures” section.
  • Here you will find the “Quick Touch” section and press it.
  • Turn on the “Use Quick Touch” switch.
  • Going a little further down this section, you will find several options, for example, creating two touches Android 12 This includes “Take a screenshot”, “Access the digital assistant”, “Enable or pause content”, “View recent apps”, “Show notifications”, and of course click on the latter.
  • Click the gear icon next to “Open app”.
  • Finally, select the app you want to open it by tapping on the back twice each time.
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Ready, so you can open your favorite app at any time, the trick is very useful in different cases, for example, when you are handling a smartphone with one hand.

How to know if the battery of my Android mobile is in good condition

  • From your cell phone Android The first thing you need to do is go to the Calls section.
  • Now write the code ## 4636 ##.
  • If you press Call, a menu about your battery info will appear.
  • Within the options you will find the section “Battery Health” or “Your Battery Status”.
  • When it touches, Android It will say that it will show a percentage.
  • If it is above 95%, it means that the battery is in good condition.

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