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Mobile devices with 10, 11 and 12 versions of the operating system , They have a function that is not much known by most users, we are talking about a stealth camera which has different characteristics from the main camera of your smartphone, do you want to know how to activate it? The steps are very simple and you do not need to download additional applications from Google Play Store or external sites.

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Except for the required versions To activate your mobile’s hidden camera, it’s important to have the Samsung brand series “A” or higher, for example “S”. To find the Android version or model of your device, go to “Settings”> “About Phone” and “Software Info”. After clarifying the above, follow these steps.

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How To Run Hidden Camera On Android

  • First, go to the Home screen or press the “Home” button on your mobile Android.
  • Now, as you zoom in on the camera, pinch inwards.
  • Below are several options that appear, click on “Widgets”.
  • Scroll down all the windows to the right until you find the widget called “magnifying glass”, touch it and click “Add”.
  • A shortcut for the widget is already created at the start of your phone, just search for it, open it and grant permissions.
  • Done, you have already turned on the stealth camera Android From your Samsung device.

This hidden camera does not look like your smartphone’s main camera, because you have a shortcut to turn on the flash, and it has different filters that can change the values ​​such as brightness and intensity, as well as a point where the widget does not allow you to use the front camera.

What if I keep my cell phone charged overnight?

  • Even if you charge your device overnight, you should know that not all cell phones with lithium batteries are affected by anything in the world.
  • Lithium battery terminals will cut off power when it reaches 100%.
  • If you use it while connected, the energy loss will be replenished and you will get 100% back.

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