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The keyboard is a must-have tool on all smartphones running the OS , Because these allow different sites to write the content you want; However, there is an application called Gboard, which is a keyboard created by Google, which has a very useful function that is not much known by most users, we mention the option to change all the words and phrases you already have in capital letters. Wrote, Want to know how to do it? Here we will explain it.

You must have written a word in capital letters on your cell phone, for example, “UNICEF” in lowercase, but, out of laziness, sent it unedited. This is very common because you are on the Internet and can ignore certain grammar rules, except the important thing at work or corporate email.

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How to turn a word or phrase into uppercase letters on your Android mobile

  • First, you must have a default keyboard gboardClick to get it faster And download it from the Google Play Store Android.
  • Now, enter any application that the keyboard can use, for example, WhatsApp.
  • Open the app and access any dialog.
  • Write whatever you want.
  • Select the typed text (only 4-6 words) and gently double-tap the upper arrow icon in the lower left corner of the keyboard.
  • Finally, you will see how all the letters of the selected words are converted into uppercase letters.

Done, so you do not have to waste your time anymore, you have to rewrite all the texts in capital letters. It is important to make it clear that by pressing the arrow icon only once, the letters of each word will be capitalized, for example: “Hello, do you want to go eat?”.

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