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Today we bring it to you List of ten games For With the most downloaded Android operating system of the week according to the website , Both free and paid. All the games that appear in this list can be downloaded from the popular store Applications .

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Minecraft The most downloaded paid game in the last week Google Play Store, During free games Android Most downloaded in the last seven days 456: Survival Game. The game ranks in the top 10 among the most collected mobile games Candy Crush Saga.

Some of the most downloaded Android mobile payment games Blues DT6, Geometric line And In the Stardew Valley. On the other hand, Fate run, Put And Monster box The most downloaded free games this week.

Free games

  1. 456: Survival Game – YoloGameStudio
  2. Flex Run 3D – Voodoo
  3. Yes or no ?! – Lion Studios
  4. Boss Life 3D – Alidas
  5. Get Lucky – Homa Games
  6. Create Expression – Face Puzzle – FTY LLC
  7. Spider King – Supersonic Studios Limited
  8. String Bull – Taptale by Crazy Laps
  9. Whip Master – Mooney Publishing Limited
  10. Cookie Run: Kingdom – Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG – DeVister Sisters Corporation
Geometric line.
Geometric line.

Paid games

  1. – Mojang
  2. Blues DT6 – Ninja Kiwi
  3. Geometric dash – Top rap games
  4. Startu Valley – Chuckfish Limited
  5. Monopoly – board game about real estate is classic! – Marmalade Game Studio
  6. Terraria – 505 Games Srl
  7. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – Rockstar Games
  8. Room – fire games
  9. Bridge Constructor Portal – Headup
  10. My boy! – GPA emulator – Faster emulator

The most elevated games

  1. – King
  2. Coin Master – Moon Active
  3. – Kareena International I Pvt
  4. Roblox – Roblox Corporation
  5. – Niantic, Inc.
  6. Lord’s Mobile: Tower Defense – IGG.COM
  7. Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 5: Deep Water – Activision Publishing, Inc.
  8. Home Views – Florix
  9. Jenshin Impact –miHoYo Ltd
  10. Raid: Shadow Legends – Florium Global Limited
Candy Crush Saga.
Candy Crush Saga.

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