May 12, 2022

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An unfit teen’s dream of becoming a superhero comes true in the Ms. Marvel trailer

An unfit teen's dream of becoming a superhero comes true in the Ms. Marvel trailer

Iman Vilani will play Kamala Khan in the upcoming new MCU series, Mrs. Marvell.

Marvel Studios has released the official trailer for the latest MCU sub-series: Mrs. Marvell, starring Iman Vilani as Kamala Khan / Mrs. marvel. The series created by Bisha K. Ali, consisting of six episodes, will air on Disney+ and help prepare the upcoming movie, marvelsNext year.

Ms. Marvel is a relatively recent addition to the Marvel Comics universe, with the distinction of being the first Muslim character to have a story of her own in a comic book. briefly appeared in the background Captain Marvel #14 (2013), serial singles Mrs. Marvell It debuted in February 2014. This first volume won the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2015, and the rapid success and high popularity of the character is what inspired Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to introduce Mrs. Marvel in the MCU Phase IV.

Kamala Khan, aka Mrs. Marvell, is a Pakistani-American teen living in Jersey City. She’s a big fan of comic books, worships Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, and fantasizes about becoming a superhero herself one day. And then that day comes. Its power stems from Terrigen’s mist, released globally in the crossover story, “brutality. The fog activated dormant non-human cells in several people, including Kamal.

Matt Lintz plays Kamala's BFF, Bruno Carelli.
Zoom / Matt Lintz plays Kamala’s BFF, Bruno Carelli.

YouTube / Marvel

Marvel announced its planned miniseries during the 2019 D23 conference and provided a first look with early footage during the day of the 2020 Disney Investor. (That footage included clips from Vellani’s audition, as well as the moment she learned she won the role.) According to the official introduction:

Passionate about games and a voracious fan fiction writer, Kamala is a huge Super Hero fan with great imaginations – especially when it comes to Captain Marvel. However, Kamala feels out of place at school and sometimes at home – that is, until she has superpowers like the heroes she’s always looked up to. Life gets better with superpowers, right?

Matt Lintz plays Bruno, Kamala’s best friend. Aramis Knight plays the Guardian Red Dagger (also known as Karim); Rish Shah plays Kamran, the sexy man who is crushed by Kamala; Sagar Sheikh plays Amir, Kamala’s older brother; Mohan Kapur and Zenobia Shroff play Yusuf and Mneiba Khan, Kamala’s father and mother, respectively.

Rish Shah plays the beautiful high school girl, Kamran, who appears prominently in her daydreams.
Zoom / Rish Shah plays the beautiful high school girl, Kamran, who appears prominently in her daydreams.

YouTube / Marvel

Set to the blissful, cheerful rhythm of The Weeknd’s Blinding Light, the show begins with Kamala’s daydreaming, before turning into a scene with a high school guidance counselor, who thinks she’s spending too much time in fantasy land—a sentiment she shares with parents. Of course, Kamala is a geek who wears Mean Girls’ superhero T-shirts. When she shows her power, she tells Bruno that it makes her feel “cosmic” but she soon learns that great power often comes at a great cost. “I always thought I wanted that kind of life,” we hear her say. “But I never imagined any of this.”

In the comics, Kamala’s main superpower is her ability to elongate herself, stretching parts (or all) of her body to extraordinary lengths. She can transform into other people or things, shrink or enlarge her body, and she has a healing factor to help her recover from an injury. None of these abilities appear in the trailer. Instead, Kamala appears to channel the same kind of energy that drives Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, suggesting that the writers decided to alter Kamala’s powers when they brought the character to the screen. Then again, these abilities may appear in some form over the course of the series.

Mrs. Marvell Debuts in Disney+ on June 8, 2022. Vellani will reprise her role in the upcoming MCU The fourth stage film, marvelsslated for release on February 17, 2023.

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