An “interesting” discovery: They claim to have discovered the remains of a new type of dinosaur in the United States.


28 November 2021 19:11 GMT

This animal is seven to nine meters long and has a duck-like mouth.

A team of scientists has discovered the bones of a dinosaur in Missouri, USA. A type that has not yet been determined. The location of the discovery has been kept secret until properly preserved.

Guy Darrow, the group’s chief archaeologist, told local media Fox2Now This is the skeleton of a young specimen, called its race Barrosorus misoriensis.

“I can not imagine anything more interesting than what we found here,” Taro said. “A new breed of species. That [un] Global innovation, “he added.

After the discovery, other teams of archaeologists came to the site to carry out further excavations, which was not long ago. Find another model Parrosaurus missouriensis, although this time it is an adult.

“It simply came to our notice then. A remarkable siteSaid Pete Mogovic, a professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of Minnesota.

Djokovic said dinosaurs have been found in many places around the world, but he considers the Missouri site to be very unique, and still preserves the remains of other dinosaurs.

In fact, in the early 1940s, the original owners of the property discovered the bones sent to the Smithsonian, which later confirmed that they belonged to a dinosaur, but No further detailed investigation has been conducted.

The property was later purchased in the 1970s and excavations are ongoing.

According to researchers, the genus Parrosaurus missouriensis is scalable Seven to nine meters long And it had a gourd-like mouth.

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