An exit that affects the project

According to the VGC, former employees talk about lack of autonomy and the slow growth of the Xbox game.

Xbox and Initiative They received public applause Advertising From Perfect darkness, A rare classic that has once again attracted a generation of gamers. Throughout its development, the project surprised us Collaboration with Crystal DynamicsThe Xbox lists that as motion Risk to be carried out. Now, the game returns to dominate the special news with bad news: Mass layoff of staff.

Making games is hard, not to mention when you think you can not communicate with decision makers.Former employee of the initiativeVGC He has been talking to various former employees of The Initiative to find out the details of a leak.Fast and furious“(As former workers called it) According to the analysis of the aforementioned media, in practice The Half of the key figures The crew left the company last year Game Master And this Design Manager. Nevertheless, The Initiative only published jobs 3 posts.

Perfect darkness

As you may remember from VGC, the beginning of this discharge coincides Advent of crystal dynamics For development, and can have serious consequences for the project. In this sense, ex-workers speak Lack of autonomy The common sense that they are not heard in the creative process and in major problems: “Creating games is so hard, not to mention when you realize it. You cannot communicate with decision makers It affects all of us. “

All of these together, create a climate Uncertainty About the trailer for Perfect Dark. According to VGC sources, former employees will be surprised if this exit does not affect the development of the new game, it still exists. There will be many more years to start. At 3DJuegos, we are pleased to announce the new Perfect Dark Has given us reason to appreciate the Xbox and its optimal strategy. However, we will have to wait and see how the current state of the initiative develops, and we have to cross our fingers. Are beneficial.

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