May 26, 2022

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Although he is not King Cuba, he is a pirate and faces up to five years in prison

Gary Bowser, one of the members of Team-Xecuter, accepted the position and changed his statement.

Nintendo is known for its senior owners, for liking all types of players, and for transparency. Relentlessly against pirates. He recently finished with small projects such as Metroid Fan Art Book And with Great web websites For what you requested Millionaire compensation To those in charge.

But if a war caught our attention, that is what was fought Against the big hacking networks known as Team-Xecuter. One of the alleged members of it Gary Bowser, A family name that is surprisingly common among those associated with Nintendo, but it has nothing to do with President Doug Bowser or has been accused of kidnapping Peach.

Nintendo Switch

Last year, Nintendo, along with the US government, indicted three members of the Team-Xecuter group. Despite Bowser among them He initially denied the allegations, Is over Pleads guilty, Admitted his role in the conspiracy. How did you share Torrentfreak, Bowser agrees to give four $ 4.5 million And faces fines Imprisonment for up to five years.

Gary Bowser highlights the workings of the piracy networkGary Bowser’s Petition for Crime has shed light on the group’s activities and the different brands they used, and has brought a lot of new information into the case. Defendants include Max Lowern and Juanning Chen. Was the main purpose of the group Sell ​​devices Serving customers Bypass protections Can use Nintendo consoles and calls Rome. One of its most successful business lines is the use of custom firmware Nintendo Switch Thus accessible Pirate Games. As stated in the contract, the company created Ten million dollars Revenue from sales of these devices. Team-exuter has been a headache for Nintendo for many years, but has finally added another win against theft. One battle he fought back over and over again on each of his consoles.

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