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The truth is, technically, Android 12L It was already official a few weeks ago, or at least Google confirmed it to us some time ago Worked on the newer version of Android for larger design screens That I will try to access Tablets and foldable mobiles Then presents for the first time Honeycomb The essential experience of a sequel Extended desktop and advanced multitasking.

That being said, there have been no moves from Mountain View since November last year, but many of us have talked about it. The obvious differences between Android 12L and other Android 13 Created in parallel, Google no longer wants to wait Android 12LDirectly On your corporate blog And tells us All the news we can expect This is already the last standard flavor of Android.

Android 12L, Official: All News

Google is officially launching Android 12L, the big screen Android.

And Google has acknowledged this in its release Access to the tablets was more than necessary It also claims that folding phones and tablets with larger screens have changed during this period, after being set aside for many years. Preferred devices for consuming multimedia content at home Or for production work during travel.

So, Android 12L is just one step away from Android 12 In accordance with the large format With an easy to use and very effective interface, this one New interface design More emphasis on content and a New taskbar that brings advanced multitasking closer Manufacturers like Samsung already have their software customizations and in Applications like DeX.

After being discontinued for several months, the Android 12L will officially become Apple’s dominant tablet for years to come, but this method is also suitable for folding mobiles that have already begun to emerge in the industry.

Android 12L is the latest version of Android that has specific enhancements for folding mobiles.

Improved visualization, updated interface to fit larger format

One of the major drawbacks of using Android on tablets was precision The computer interface is not compatible with large screensBecause the content grids are the same and all are magnified, Without using the largest space available For relevant information.

Android 12L is the exact solution to this problem New interface designed to make everything better on screens with significant diagonals. On Android 12L, it’s upgraded from home screen to lock screen, notification center, quick settings bars and device configuration menu.

Now everything will be better modified, so Easy to use on our tablets or folding mobiles, More space for all your content and better application integration. In fact, that is it For example settings will change to a Layout Two column You can select a wallpaper from the navigation panel, in the page column and at a glance, without multiple Clicks And there is no need to go in and out of each section.

Bringing productivity and advanced multitasking to native Android

With Android 12L, users will get another essential feature on larger format devices, and that is it Using the tablet in business environments requires better multitasking Only Samsung dared to bring the Android operating system closer to the One UI and its sequel, the Samsung DeX.

The latest version of Android has been implemented A smart taskbar It allows you to start and switch apps instantly, you can drag and drop any app from the bar Automatically activates split screen mode. This allows you to plan trips simultaneously with Google Maps and Chrome, or to copy and paste content between office applications or, more generally, to use any two applications simultaneously.

This is the new Android 12L multitasking video

Android 12L, availability and compatible devices

Android 12L is official, but it will not come as soon as we wantGoogle says available “Later this year” Not to mention the dates too much. At least we know it Its messages will be integrated in Android 13And Google will continue to support large screens in a series of redesigns of the Android operating system.

As for the devices that receive it, they confirm it from Mountain View Shipped to our favorite tablets and foldable devices from Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft, Without further details on specific models in each case. It just emerged Lenovo Tab P12 Pro This is the first device to be officially updated. “In a few weeks”.

From today it is Available for all Pixel mobiles from 2019 Pixel 3aSo are mobile updaters Created by Google They need to know it Will be displayed on Software information Like Android 12.1On smartphones you will not be able to enjoy most of these innovations which are very low at 5 or 6 inch diagonals.

How is Android 12L different from Android 13? This is what you need to know

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