Aftermath True Story: What Happened to Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter in Movie?

The new scary/thrilling movie Aftermath, a big hit on Netflix, is said to be based on real events. The film’s story is very different from the real-life story it was based on, but the real-life story is still very disturbing.

Many movies in the same genre say that they are based on real people and events, but most of the time they are mostly made up. Many of the plots in Aftermath are completely new, but one of the main arcs is very similar to the terrors that a real couple faced.

Aftermath is about a young couple named Natalie (Ashley Greene) and Kevin Dadich (Shawn Ashmore of X-Men), who move into a beautiful new house to try to save their failing marriage.

Kevin found out that Natalie was cheating on him, which caused a rift between them that they are trying to fix through therapy and a change of scenery. But their new house, which was once the scene of a horrible murder-suicide, starts to reveal scary secrets.

Natalie starts to see images of a man stalking through the halls at night. In the end, it turns out that the horrors of the house are caused partly by the former owner, who wants the house back, and partly by a crazy killer who lives in the basement.

The creepy spider-man in the secret basement plot is unique to Aftermath, but it has a lot in common with the real-life horror case of Theodore Edward Coneys, who killed a man in 1941 while hiding out in his attic.

aftermath true story

The other part of Aftermath’s story, in which an outside party tries to get the couple out of their house, is directly based on real events. Here’s the real-life story that inspired the movie Aftermath, as well as what the movie changed.

What Happened to Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter in the Aftermath of a True Story?

In 2011, Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter, a young married couple, bought a house in San Diego’s Carmel Valley. They outbid a woman named Kathy Rowe, who was also interested in the house. Rice and Ruhter beat her bid, so Rowe started a dirty campaign to get rid of them.

She did things like sending thousands of dollars worth of magazine subscriptions to the house, stopping the couple’s mail, and sending Valentine’s Day cards to women in the neighborhood pretending to be Rice.

Rowe went too far when she made online ads for sexual encounters under the name Ruhter while pretending to be Ruhter.

She told men on the internet that she (posing as Ruhter) wanted to be raped at home while her husband was at work. They came to the house. Rowe was caught because Rice and Ruhter found out about the plan before either of them got hurt physically.

Still, Rowe’s repeated attacks caused a lot of mental and emotional fear. Aftermath is a lot like what Rice and Rowe went through, but Robert, the house’s former owner, ends up being the one who is after them.

The strange magazine subscriptions, strange messages to the neighbors, and the attempt to attack Natalie are all scary ways in which the case happened.

What Happened to Kathy Rowe?

Rowe’s plan to hurt Rice and Ruhter was found out in the end. She was charged with her crimes and found guilty in 2015.

She was given a year of electronic surveillance at home and five years of probation as a result. In the case against her, Rowe’s lawyer said that her disgusting attacks on Rice and Ruhter were caused by the stress of taking care of her disabled daughter and a sick husband.

aftermath true story

During the trial, Rowe apologized to the couple in front of everyone and said she would take back everything she had done if she could.

Is Aftermath Based on A True Story?

Yes, “Aftermath” is based on a real-life event. The title card says that the story is based on real crimes, but if you’ve seen enough movies, you know that these kinds of claims are often exaggerated. But more questions suggest that the story might be true after all.

Dakota Gorman, who also acts and directs, wrote the screenplay for the movie, which was directed by Peter Winther. But Gorman writes the script based on a story that Winther came up with himself.

Gorman says that she often gets ideas for her writing from real-life events, personal stories, and experiences. She said that her creativity comes from everything she takes in from life and that the more she takes in, the more she can come up with.

And in this case, it seems like Gorman and Winther got their ideas from real-life event or events.

There may be some truth to the story that a couple was lured into a crime scene by a great deal. But the idea that a person who can’t be seen is hiding under the same roof seems a bit far-fetched.

Well, fiction often reflects the truth, and you might be surprised to learn that the story is more true than you think. Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter had to go through some of the same things that happen in the movie. ABC News says that as the couple moved into their new home, several scary things happened.

aftermath true story

In 2011, they moved into a dream house in a suburb of San Diego. Soon after, they got a threatening note from someone who wanted to buy the house from them.

When their new house mysteriously showed up for sale again on a real estate website, things got even creepier. Like in the movie, the couple kept getting magazines they didn’t even pay for.

Jerry put CCTV cameras all over the house after the string of pranks got out of hand. When someone posted a sickening online ad that made Janice look like an adult entertainer, the truth was even more likely to be a lie. Men replied to the ad, and one of them even tried to rape her.

Even though they caught the person who did it, the couple will never forget what happened. The news story may have given the director and screenwriter ideas.

Even though they changed some things to make the story more interesting, the true-crime event is still the story’s backbone. So, we can say for sure that the story is based on solid evidence.

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