July 1, 2022

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After reference to a task at the sniper school with SWAT, whether ready or not is without an editor.

Team17 and Void Interactive split by mutual agreement without providing further details.

Released on Steam last Saturday with a surprise, Ready or not As part of the SWAT team was able to gain a prominent place in the controversial action-shooter community on PC by proposing soldiers to resolve hostile and conflicting situations. One of those tasks, in the future, will be the goal A level set in the school center. It has now been revealed Team17 drops the FPS version.

VOID Interactive and Team 17 reached this mutual agreement and did not provide further information about the breakdown even after persuasion from followers and the press. “We can not say much, but We firmly believe that this is the best course of action“Developers of Co-op Shooter say on Twitter.” We have no opinion on this, ”they add. Parents of worms Inside Reports To Kodak. Both companies have congratulated each other on their projects.

However, the breakdown occurs after a few days Want to see The landing of a video game mission, it would have been a school protagonist, but for now it is only possible that it might be open. To a user’s question on Reddit. This issue quickly created controversy, especially as they experienced multiple shootings in educational centers in the United States. The last few weeks.

Ready or not

Whether that campaign work exists or not, it was successfully launched on Ready or Not Steam. With 15,000 simultaneously playing peaks.

Ready or not An extreme tactical sniper game It shows a realistic world where SWAT units are required to resolve hostile and conflicting situations. Currently in early access, You expect to stay for at least a year.

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