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Adguard Mod Apk: Adguard Premium is a popular ad-blocking program developed by ADGUARD SOFTWARE, a company that specializes in security software for Windows and smartphones.

This application’s extensive capabilities allow you to prevent a variety of adverts while using your phone without rooting it.

You can download, install, and safeguard your phone from the irritation of advertising in just a few simple steps.

At the same time, the software assists in making your phone safer by increasing security.

We spend a lot of time on our smartphones nowadays. Its convenience and entertainment value cannot be questioned, yet there are two sides to it.

Pop-up advertising is used on some websites, which opens up multiple browser windows and makes you feel uneasy.

Furthermore, certain websites can take information from your phone and install dangerous programs.

Alternatively, advertisements can drive you insane when playing games or utilizing photography software.

What is the answer? Use the best ad-blocking software for Android, Adguard Premium.

Adguard Mod Apk Premium’s Features

On the internet, turn off advertisements.

Adguard Premium has acquired the trust of millions of users all around the world because of this. Most Android smartphones are compatible with this software.

The process of ad blocking is quite natural; it does not take up a lot of your time or resources, and it does not affect performance.

Top vpn mod apk
Top VPN mod apk

As a result, you can comfortably play games and surf the web without worrying about RAM and memory.

There are a lot of anti-viruses and ad-blocking software on the market right now.

It does, however, necessitate that your device is rooted. Rooting your phone exposes it to being tracked, infected with malware, and rendered unsafe.

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However, with Adguard Premium, you may use it without having to root your smartphone.

Create a Whitelist

If you don’t want the app to work on certain of your favorite websites? It’s that easy. All you have to do now is add those websites to the whitelist, and the application will unblock advertisements from them.

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Top VPN mod apk
  • Organize your filter list
  • You can adjust some advanced features and control the list of Adguard-protected websites.
  • Apps administration

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Adguard Premium assists you in managing the operation of your phone’s applications.

The app shows traffic, the number of adverts blocked, and the amount of data saved, among other things.

Protection of Personal Information

Some applications may run in the background and keep track of everything you do. This program can detect and delete suspicious behavior from your device.

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As a result, your device’s security improves. There’s no need to be concerned about data theft or loss.

When you visit certain foreign websites, Adguard may prevent third-party cookies, masking your IP address.

You can alter your profile and browse the web without revealing your identity.

Many websites are currently attempting to capture user data. Adguard is capable of stopping any suspicious behavior and securing your data thanks to specific modules.

Parental Authority

Do you want to keep your kids safe from adult-oriented websites?

You can get support from Adguard. Access to improper websites and search results with obscene content will be blocked by the program.

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Top VPN mod apk

Furthermore, parents can tailor the blacklist to ensure that their children are exposed to healthy information when using the phone.

Simple to Use

Simple, compact, and simple to use. That’s all I’ve got to say about Adguard. It’s only 13M in size, and it’s simple to set up and utilize.

It has a very basic and attractive user interface. The features are well-organized, making it simple to edit and customize the app’s settings.

Data Backup

This application helps you save data when browsing the web by having outstanding ad elimination features.

Why Should You Use Adguard Mod Apk?

Ads are blocked everywhere.

The system as a whole is blocked. This includes video advertisements as well as advertisements in your favorite apps, browsers, games, and any website you can think of.

You have access to dozens of ad filters, all of which are regularly updated to ensure the greatest possible filtering quality.

Concerned About Your Privacy?

We place a premium on the security of your personal information. You’ll be safe from online trackers and analytics systems that lurk on the internet seeking to steal your personal information if you use AdGuard.

It Reduces Your Traffic

The more advertising that is banned, the fewer ads that are loaded. With fewer advertising loaded, more traffic is saved.

AdGuard’s math is simple! Download the apk file, install the program, and use your traffic to do things you enjoy rather than waste it on intrusive advertisements.

You Maintain Control

After all, it’s your device, and you get to choose what gets filtered and what doesn’t. You may modify the filters with a variety of settings ranging from basic to ‘pro,’ as well as an Apps Management tool.


What’s the Difference Between Adguard for Android and Adguard Content Blocker?

The disparity is enormous. Content blockers in general are not only limited to a few (and limited) browsers, but they are also far less effective in terms of ad-blocking solutions.

Adguard Mod apk for Android is a standalone program that can block advertising in all browsers and even other apps, with considerably better filtering quality.

Why Isn’t Adguard for Android Available on Google Play?

In the Play Store, Google has an odd approach regarding adblocking.

Simply put, any program that can block adverts throughout the device is not allowed, leaving only flimsy content filters as an option.

AdGuard has also been removed from the Google Play Store.

What’s the Difference Between Adguard for Android’s Free and Premium Versions?

While the free version does a great job of removing advertisements from browsers, it does not filter traffic from other apps. It also lacks the Safebrowsing function.

Some Apps and Websites Still Have Advertisements! What Am I Supposed to Do Now?

You’ll very certainly need to enable HTTPS filtering. Many advertisements are served over HTTPS, and AdGuard can detect and block them.

Turn on HTTPS Filtering in Settings –> HTTPS Filtering. Another thing to remember is to filter in the ‘High-quality mode (Settings –> Advanced).

Is It Necessary for Me to Have Root Access?

No, it isn’t required. Adguard Mod Apk, unlike many other ad blockers, may be used in VPN mode to block advertising even on non-rooted devices.

Adguard Mod Apk: Is It Possible to Use Another Vpn Programme in Addition to Adguard?

Unfortunately, running two VPNs at the same time on Android is not possible, although there are various workarounds available.

You can switch if your smartphone is rooted or if you only want to ban adverts on WiFi networks.

Set AdGuard to proxy mode and any other software can connect to the VPN. Additionally, some VPNs (e.g., PIA VPN, Nord VPN) allow you to utilize an upstream proxy; check to see if yours does.

AdGuard for Android offers you dependable and easy-to-manage protection.

Removes all unwanted adverts from web pages and programs prevents harmful websites from opening, and ensures that no one can track your online actions.

It differs from its competitors in that it may operate in HTTP proxy or VPN mode.

Nobody wants to deliver a hotfix just a week after it’s been released, but there are occasions when it’s necessary.

We used this opportunity to not only correct the issue but also to update the CoreLibs filtering engine and make a few other improvements.

[Fixed] On earlier Android devices, AdGuard does not restart after auto-pause.

AdGuard didn’t restart once the protection was suspended automatically on some older devices (Android 6 and older) (say, on the network state change).

This impacted a significant enough number of AdGuard users to warrant an immediate update.

Adguard Mod Apk:

  • Graphics have been updated and resources have been cleared for a faster load time (8.58 MB total apk size)
  • Based on the Premium edition.
  • All resources were encrypted.
  • Languages: English, Russian

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