Action, management and escape in 4 free Xbox games with Gold for December

The company is updating its selection of free games with various programs for all tastes.

December is approaching, and Xbox has already prepared the games that will come with users. Xbox Live Gold And Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Throughout the month. Talking about Games with gold, We can enjoy the initiative of Microsoft 4 free games It gives us adventures of action, discovery, management and situation analysis.

If the autumn weather makes you want to leave home, you can always try Escape from prison With Fugitives2, A continuum of escapes in which we must use various skills and influences to escape from prison. However, if you have to move With a frenetic pace, You can always spend December Orcs must die!, A sniper, in which we must defend our castle from an army of vicious creatures.

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But the cold invites us to relax and play, so Tropico 5 – Final Edition Rises the perfect choice for all lovers Resource management and strategyWell, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of L President and rule an island paradise. But if long nights wake you up Mysterious nerve, You can always invest your time in finding the planet Insanely twisted shadow planet, We will use fun tools.

As usual, these games are available on this service Temporary way For users. So, here’s how long you can enjoy these 4 titles with games with gold.

In this way, users Xbox Live Gold And Xbox Game Pass Utimate They can test these games throughout the month of December, sometimes until January. Also, if you are a user Amazon Prime Gaming, Know that 9 free games from your service.

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