According to the leaked document, Sony plans to bring its cloud gaming service to mobile phones.

File photo.  |  Credit: PlayStation
File photo. | Credit: PlayStation

Video games in the cloud play an increasingly important role in the current panorama, and in response to this, it seems that the PlayStation wants to expand its game service in the cloud and Apple has information about this.

The technology-laden media leaked the secret document of the Epic vs. Apple test, which was leaked to ‘The Verge’ because Steve Jobs’ company has confirmed it’s heard of a transmission’s mobile extension.

The expansion of the cloud service ‘PlayStation Now’ would have been huge to date as Games streamed PS2 and PS3 titles on smart TVs, Blu-ray players and PS Vita; However, the company decided to discontinue all of those sites to focus on continuing cloud gaming on PC and PS4, although it did not see daylight for mobile devices.

Apple mentioned PlayStation in a document written in 2017 because in this particular document Apple has plans to launch its own game subscription service, which will be announced in ‘Apple Arcade’ and in 2019.

Apple’s subscription service has formed an alliance with 30 top gaming studios to try to order “a few hundred titles” from the list.

Although the PlayStation project has been forgotten, the letters are still on the table, with the latest leaks suggesting that Sony is developing a video game subscription service called ‘Spartacus’, similar to Xbox ‘Game Boss’. Integrate its gaming service into the cloud, which will open up the possibility of re-opening this idea of ​​games on the cell phone.

File photo.  |  Credit: REUTERS / Andrew Kelly
File photo. | Credit: REUTERS / Andrew Kelly

PlayStation will work on a new subscription service

The previous generation of consoles saw the evolution of subscription services, which was conducive to providing more and more content and greater benefits to their subscribers. With the advent of new sites, previous models begin to lose weight and need to be updated with new initiatives. This is what I plan to do PlayStation With his new project, now known as Spartacus.

New site report Bloomberg He was looking forward to the news this week thanks to the close sources for the development and documentation of the project. Spartacus’ idea is to provide subscribers with a comprehensive list of modern video games. While there is no guarantee, the site speculates that this service will reach both players PlayStation 4 What PlayStation 5.

Spartacus assumes responsibility for linking the two current services of the brand. PlayStation Plus Y PlayStation now. The first is the need to enjoy online experiences and provide three or more titles per month, the second allows users in specific regions to download older titles or enjoy some more current titles through the cloud. According to Bloomberg, Sony After the arrival of the new service, he probably plans to retain the PS Plus brand with a name change, but he does not want to give too much support to the PS Now.

Spartacus has three different levels. The first is the equivalent of PS Plus with its advantages and free games. The second will provide a comprehensive list of topics for the PS4 and, perhaps later, the PS5. The third tier of the new subscription service will include extended demos, Cloud Play and a list of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP classics.

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