According to SteamDB, the Legacy of Thieves Collection may already have a release date on the system

The portal points to an interim release of a redesigned collection of naughty dog ​​titles.

A few weeks ago the PS5 began to be enjoyed by the general public Untitled: The Legacy of Thieves CollectionA package with Unspecified 4: The end of a thief And Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Redesigned with the promise of improved graphics, higher frame rates and incredible details. The site pack was also announced for PC stores, although not much has been said about its launch until now.

Via SteamDB It was shared An update to the set pointing out a summer premiere yesterday, in particular July 15. This is not the official information of the PlayStation, but a strong indication that the Japanese company may soon share its release date, thus ending the console exclusivity of the two major naughty dog ​​adventures.

Untitled: The Legacy of Thieves Collection

In the meantime, you can read the analysis of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on 3DJuegos, where Alejandro Pascual Pack promised. Somewhat basic remaster With some improvements beyond 60 frames and 3D sound: “The new generation may have done more work to shine in the unknown world. This is a topic that has been around for more than five years and still seems unbelievable“.

With Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, PlayStation continues to export part of its comprehensive video game catalog to PC. The last major product to reach the computer God of Warசோத்தல் The most popular figures on steam. The question the computer community is asking is what will be coming to the stage exclusively next Most Desired Candidate: By Blood.

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