According to Bloomberg, Treyarch’s game was delayed

Activision has been maintaining the traditional new installment of the popular shooter since 2005.

Is clear Activision The company has been enjoying a variety of movements. We are starting the year Acquisition of the company after the Call of Duty by MicrosoftAnd we were already able to hear a lot of news about its short- and long-term plans. New Call of Duty Modern Warfare It will come 2022 From hand Infinity Ward.

The decision will be made from ActivisionIt almost A tradition for playersThe arrival of a new installment of the war right every year, but according to reports Jason SchreierWell known Bloomberg journalist, his sources created the 2023 headline. TroyarchI know Delayed until 2024Leaving us for the first time since 2005, a year without a new Call of Duty.

Last January, Shriyare was expecting The arrival of the new Treyarch title Then scheduled Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2022. Although this new installment follows the annual course of history, plans have already changed An obvious fatigue in ownership. The Bloomberg journalist also pointed to this movement Will not be associated with the Agreement with Microsoft.

COD would have blamed fatigue on Vanguard’s performance historyThe decision comes from Activision and it needs to be done Poor performance of Call of Duty Vanguard compared to previous installments. Schreier sources point to growing concern within the company Games that cannibalize each other. According to Bloomberg sources, they expect from Activision to fill the new installment deficit of the shooter with other plans for 2023, one of which we New free titleAlso Content for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2022 and Warson 2.

for now, Activision has already provided its plans for this year, Infinity Ward players will be the protagonists. Recently, Microsoft wanted to resolve doubts about the exclusive Call of Duty Xbox, confirming it The sequel will continue on PlayStation Beyond signed contracts. The last installment of the rights came on November 5, 2021, returning to its origin under its framework World War II. If you have not played yet and want to know more, remember that you are in 3DJuegos Our analysis of the Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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