January 28, 2022

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According to a famous Chinese analyst, the lifespan of the iPhone is still 10 years

Apple can replace the iPhone with augmented reality (AR) glasses. (Photo: iPadizate)

We have heard about glass Developed reality (Burn Apple For a long time, but it seems that these glasses not only come earlier than expected, but can also change it IPhone Not too far into the future. That’s it, Renowned analyst MingChi Kuo predicts that the iPhone is still 10 years away and will eventually be replaced by an augmented reality device.

Apple analysts believe Cupertino’s future is linked to augmented reality, according to Apple’s CEO. Tim Cook, Has called many times “Apple’s next big thing.”

“Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with augmented reality in ten years, which means that the demand for AR devices will exceed at least a billion parts in ten years.” Cook mentions.

The future of the iPhone may be in the Apple class

The basis of this prediction is relevant Apple’s commitment to bet on the field Developed reality. The concept of metawares appears in the projects of large companies and with hundreds of millions of users Facebook (Although patented as a plug with augmented reality capabilities), Apple is still waiting to show long-running operating systems or platforms.

Apple glass model.  (Photo: GQ Spain)
Apple glass model. (Photo: GQ Spain)

It is known that Apple is working on hybrid reality glasses that will be released next year And, in principle, this will be the future alternative to the iPhone. Guo believes the device will be completely autonomous and independent of the iPhone so that it can grow in the market.

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If we talk about devices in the field of virtual and magnified reality, of course, it makes sense to go in this direction. Another important point is that Apple’s growth in this area is progressing towards the “deadline” set by Guo.

“If AR devices are placed only as an accessory Mac Or the iPhone, which may not be optimized for product development. An enlarged reality device that operates independently will have its own ecosystem It also provides a more comprehensive and flexible user experience. “

Ming-chi Guo.  (Photo: Pitton Apple's Twitter)
Ming-chi Guo. (Photo: Pitton Apple’s Twitter)

Of course, this change in mood must be serious With a device that revolutionized the market like the iPhone did in 2007. Device that makes obsolete existing smartphones.

“Currently, there are more than one billion active iPhone users. If Apple’s goal is to replace the iPhone with augmented reality in ten years, it means that Apple will sell at least a billion augmented reality devices in ten years.

Not sure if this device will completely replace the iPhone, at least not in the short term. The decision to make this change would be a negative revolution for Apple; The company that makes the most money by selling smartphones. Half of Apple’s revenue comes from the iPhone, so changing strategy is risky for Cupertino.

Apple is set to launch its own virtual reality headset in late 2022

Apple Is ready to compete Of Quest 2 Mark Zuckerberg And to harass him in his first market Increased reality viewer (With) Which will come In late 2022, According to MacRumors.

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The same analyst, Ming-chi Guo, That was predicted View Containing Two processors, Including something as powerful as Chip M1 Found in new MacBooks From Apple. The power of the processor, he said, does not require a connection to a computer or smartphone to operate the headset. If you want to read the whole note, Enter this link.

Apple prepares to offer Oculus competition (Photo: EPA / JUSTIN LANE / Archive)
Apple prepares to offer Oculus competition (Photo: EPA / JUSTIN LANE / Archive)

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