A leak shows how many streamers Ebay, Aaron Play and L Rupees earn per month


CriticalRole topped the list with $ 9,626,712 in revenue from August to 2019, from a Twitch account (with just 825,000 followers) and a cast of YouTube (with 1.38 million followers). In October. This means that the average income for these 26 months is US $ 370,258 per month, excluding taxes.

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Top-ranked Spaniard Raul Alvarez Jeans, also known as Aaron Play, is 32 years old and has more than ten million followers on Twitter, 11.8 million on Twitter and over 28 million on his YouTube channel. Aaron Flee, ninth on the list, earned $ 3,053,341 in 26 months, representing more than $ 115,000 per month.

Another acquaintance in the Spanish-speaking virtual world is Ebay, who can be seen chatting very informally with Kun Azero, visiting Lionel Messi at his home or interviewing him when he arrives in Paris Saint-Germain. Iboy Lanos has been adding $ 2,314,485 since August 2019, equivalent to nearly $ 90,000 a month.

While this information was not confirmed (Twitch admitted a leak but did not disclose the content), Ebay made a mistake during his broadcast that allowed Twitch to directly track his followers’ streamer revenue.

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Influence received a message with statistics from his channel during a live show. Upon opening the document, between August 27 and September 25, he made a profit of $ 145,837.83 on subscriptions and donations.

The leaked Twitch document indicates that El Rubius made a profit of $ 1.76 million in two years.

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