A job placement stimulates speculation

PlayStation Studios Visual Arts is looking for a new designer for some of the most common work for the remake.

By Marcos Yassif / 50 reviews

In early spring, the news broke: The original PS3 will be a remake of The Lost of Us PlayStation 5. This information is not official, not authoritative, but it came from one of the industry’s most reliable sources, raising questions about whether it is right to bet on this plan. Now, a job opportunity PlayStation Studios Visual Arts It brings it back.

According to LinkedIn, the PlayStation team is looking to hire a designer in charge “Implementing existing game settings in a new work environment”. In addition, you “need to improve current status scripts in terms of interaction and entertainment.” Finally, they cite “Melee War, Range War, Game Camera Management, Character Movement, etc.”

The Lost of Us

All of these details suggest that PlayStation Studios Visual Arts is currently working on a remake that is compatible with the first The Last of Us. That should be clearly stated in the job advertisement Naughty dog ​​work is not explicitly mentioned, So it is good to be cautious. Having said this, we should not dismiss some of the company’s other classic jobs.

In his earlier report yesterday, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier promised that the naughty dog ​​would work directly on the remake of The Last of Asin after launching a second research project. According to PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, another placement earlier this year was Sony’s inner team eager to dedicate itself. Expand existing PlayStation brands.

Meanwhile, Saga’s interest is now in the fictional innovations of TLoU: Part II The long-awaited series adaptation of HBO.

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