A game with “mostly positive” reviews is available for free on Steam

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One of the best things about gaming on the computer is that it is common to find free games. Such shops Epic Games Store Y Steam They offer games for free, so you can add them to your collection, expand your backlog and play anytime. In fact, now they offer a game with “mostly positive” reviews.

The thing is, for a limited time, Chinese room and provides copies of stealth mode Dear Esther: Landmark Edition. That means you will have the opportunity to add to your Steam Library from today until Wednesday, February 16, at 9:00 am, without paying a single penny.

  • To take advantage of this ad, you need to follow the steps below
  • Sign in to Steam
  • To go This link Or search Dear Esther: Landmark Edition From steam
  • Press the Add button

Ready! With this, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition It will be a part of your collection and you can download it from Steam anytime. So, even if you do not have a gaming PC, if you have the opportunity to get the rig to play it, it is worth adding to your collection to play with it.

We reiterate that this ad has less than 24 hours left. That is why we recommend getting your copy Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Coming soon.

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what is that Dear Esther: Landmark Edition?

In case you do not know, Dear Esther: Landmark Edition It is a remake of the first person exploration game that debuted in 2012. In it, you will go to a desert island, where you will find a story in beautiful surroundings.

Dear Esther On a ruined island somewhere in the distant Hebrew, it immerses us in a fascinating world. As you progress in the game, a voice begins to read snippets of the letter: “Dear Esther …”, which launches one of the most original games of recent years.

By abandoning the traditional game and creating an intriguing gaming experience, Dear Esther It combines its beautiful settings with a wonderful soundtrack to tell a powerful story of love, loss, guilt and surrender. “

Yes OK Dear Esther: Landmark Edition This is not always the best game, it has received a lot of positive reviews on Steam. At the time of writing this article has 2356 reviews, most of which are positive. So if you have time and way to play it give it a try.

Also, what do you think about this ad? Are you going to use it to expand your steam sports library? Tell us in the comments.

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