December 1, 2021

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A FIFA 2K? The EA is skeptical of taking the take-to-brand if it does not renew

Its managing director was asked about this during a meeting with past investors.

One could say a few years ago that video game sports sagas generally do not revolutionize the industry. However, how dangerous it is to say it now: we have Pro Evolution Soccer is missing As, controversy with Microbagos Or, without going further, the Conflict between EA and FIFA For the use of the trademark, this leaves us a I play under a different name.

In connection with the latter, take-two shareholders want to know if the company is going to do anything about it. Therefore, during the last meeting with investors (transcribed) VGC), Strauss Zelnik was asked about the dispute and If interested in expanding with 2K sports football games.

2K is in the top eleven after purchasing Nordeus this summerThe CEO wanted to respond quickly by speaking up The first eleven, A football management game for mobile devices now owned by them Received Nordius Last summer. In one move, a huge $ 378 million was closed.

A FIFA 2K?  The EA is skeptical of taking the take-to-brand if it does not renew

“We are very pleased to have Nordius in the Take-Two family,” he commented. “They have had brutal success and Top Eleven is a fantastic and beloved title. I can not be happier getting into football management games.”

This is a big step, we have never been in this gameStrauss Zelnik, CEO of 2KWhile it is true that Zelnik was reluctant to avoid the question, he did not want to deny the possibility and finally opened the door with an interesting message: “This is a big step for us because we are making progress. This game has never been before. And, um … I think we can leave it there for today“.

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It would be interesting to see FIFA 2K, but for now the company should continue to focus on existing game owners. The most successful is undoubtedly the latest in basketball NBA 2K22 It has been amassing good sales figures, but we are in our opinion Analysis, Its spectacle on the field is always clouded by evils.

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