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Popular Twitter User ”カ お 気 楽 ケ ち ゃ ん ん る る (@hikari_okiraku)“, Which usually releases daily measurements of the chest of manga, anime and video game characters based on horizontal planes, has just released a new update, this time dedicated to character”Kanyu, The Full Moon Watcher”From the popular video game The impact of Jenshin.

There is no official reference to the size of the character’s breasts (Or any other popular video game), So it would be worth comparing with what other users have analyzed. ⁇Daily breast measurements, republished series. This time it was Kanyu from the Cine Unicornis constellation. From what I can see, small breasts are very popular.», The user commented on his release.

Based on the profile shot of the character, the user estimates the size of the breasts and the bar (Rib cage) The estimated height of the cone is 145 cm (Slightly younger than the other female characters) And 62.6 cm band (This is a measure of the size of the cup) Thus, the separation measures 6.1 cm and when specified in a cross section, the size of a cup reaches 77.9 cm. With these data, Kanyu’s bust size is a file C (C65 size in the US system of measurement)

Genesis Impact Available on Mobile Devices, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 And with PC Windows. The “Version 2.4The video game was released worldwide on January 5, at the same time “Version 2.5”Released on February 16th. The video game celebrated its first anniversary on September 28 and grossed more than $ 2 billion in its first year. The application is also available in the table QooApp On This link.

Explanation of Jenshi’s impact

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