July 20, 2022

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5 Top Rated Gaming Laptops 2022: To Play Your Favorite PC Games

Gaming Laptops


Gaming Laptops: Every year, the greatest gaming laptops change. The first mobile gaming consoles were essentially desktop replacements, with bulky chassis, many power bricks, and a plethora of RGB lights. The current leading contenders, on the other hand, are quite different.

Manufacturers are finally incorporating powerful specifications into sleeker, more portable, and professional designs. They offer superb, fast-refreshing screens, which are essential for a good gaming experience. These laptops aren’t only good for gaming; they’re also good for regular work.


For a long time, the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 was our favourite gaming laptop. We weren’t sure if Asus would ever be able to recreate its tremendous success because it did almost everything properly. However, the corporation was able to produce the G14 a little bit bigger and a lot better. As a result, the ROG Zephyrus G15, the greatest 15-inch rig available, was born.

Gaming Laptops

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The Zephyrus G15 is one of the lightest 15-inch gaming laptops available, at slightly over four pounds. But you’re not sacrificing performance for portability: it’s powered by AMD and Nvidia’s top mobile CPUs, and it comes with a fast 165Hz QHD (1440p) display. These components, when used together, can run even the most demanding AAA games in QHD quality. Your games will appear fantastic thanks to the panel’s superb colour reproduction.

But it’s not just the gaming; the G15 has practically everything else going for it. The audio (which comes from a six-speaker array) has plenty of percussion and bass, the keyboard and touchpad have a nice click, the port variety is adequate, and the battery can last up to eight and a half hours.

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The G15 isn’t going to appeal to everyone. There’s no webcam, which is a major flaw, and some people would prefer something more inexpensive or with a flashier look. The G15, on the other hand, is unbeatable as a bundle. It’s not just the best gaming laptop on the market, but it’s also one of the best laptops on the market.


The Blade 17 has some of the best gaming performance you’ll find in a laptop, but that’s not even its most impressive feature. What makes Razer’s 17-inch flagship so astounding is how much power it crams into such a slim and appealing package.

It’s barely 0.8 inches thick and requires only one charging brick, so you can stow it in a bag or briefcase without sacrificing power.

Gaming Laptops

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This year’s model has a QHD 240Hz display. It also boasts a per-key RGB keyboard that can be customised to offer a splash of colour without being too distracting in the office.

The Blade 17 isn’t cheap, but if you want the finest of the best, this is the laptop to have.


Lenovo’s Legion 5 Pro is the greatest gaming laptop it’s ever produced. AMD’s Ryzen 5000 processors deliver great performance in a stylish 16-inch chassis for far under $2,000.

Even at its native 2560 x 1600 resolution, it produced respectable results in every game we tried. You’ll be able to fully utilise the Legion 5 Pro’s power thanks to the 165Hz display.

Gaming Laptops

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Aside from its performance, the Legion 5 Pro’s 16:10 screen is a standout feature. If you want to use the Legion 5 Pro as a daily driver, a screen this tall is hard to come by in the gaming laptop market these days, and it gives you more area for multitasking. With 1.5mm of travel and four-zone adjustable illumination, the keyboard is also a joy to use.

The Legion’s primary flaw is its short battery life. In our tests, we only got about four and a half hours of continuous use. While this isn’t the worst performance we’ve ever seen from a gaming laptop, it’s nothing near the G15’s. The supplied 300W power brick, on the other hand, charges it extremely quickly.

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Overall, while the G15 will be a superior choice for people who frequently work on the road, the Legion is still a good option—and Lenovo deserves credit for the 16:10 screen.


The GE76 Raider is extremely expensive, but it has a lot of power. It can be configured all the way up to Nvidia’s top mobile GPU and Intel’s top processor, and it comes with the necessary cooling. (The 11th-Gen chips are now available, but the 12th-Gen models should be available in a few weeks.)

Gaming Laptops

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You may get it with a QHD screen (which we suggest for most people because these powerful specs can take full advantage of it) or a 1080p 360Hz display (which we recommend for most people).

Remember that this laptop is mostly intended for gaming. If you’re searching for a device that can double as a portable work driver, you’ll want to go elsewhere. Its battery life is terrible, and its chassis is thick and heavy, so you’ll want to explore elsewhere. (The brick is colossal as well.)

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The GE76 Raider, on the other hand, will provide a quality experience if you’re seeking for a portable desktop.


There’s now a laptop that can give a satisfying 4K gaming experience – if you’re willing to spend some real money. At its native 3840 x 2160 resolution, the Alienware X17 (now beginning at $2,199) can run a wide range of modern games at playable frame rates. With ray tracing enabled, it could even hit 60 frames per second.

Gaming Laptops

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The X17’s strength isn’t its only distinguishing feature. Dell has also managed to fit all of this power into a chassis that is both slim and stylish. It’s only 0.84 inches thick, featuring a non-obtrusive RGB keyboard and a touchpad that illuminates when you press it. Even under severe gaming loads, it remains cool and silent.

The X17, on the other hand, would not be a good choice for a daily driver (though it did do well in our Premiere Pro testing). The webcam is average, and the touchpad is undersized, even for a 17-inch notebook. In our tests, the battery life was only approximately four hours.

Even though the chassis is small, it isn’t light, coming in at more than six pounds. However, if you’re searching for a 4K laptop that can also handle games, this gadget should be at the top of your list.